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Travel is Transformational

This picture speaks volumes and expresses the reason it is important for us to expose our children to the wonders of travel. Sitting at the Arab gate of Castillo de Sagunto in Sagunto Spain, built by the Moors, you would never guess this was a young man from a rural southern town located in North Carolina. Travel has had a profound effect on his ability to interact and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and various social economic statuses. Being able to connect the old world with its structures and languages to the new world is priceless. Being able to see himself and others like him in the vast reaches of the world is transforming his self-efficacy in a positive direction.

Having a positive sense of self can do wonders to improve our life chances and choses. If I could choose one word to describe this photo it would be MAHAM(Making Action Happen Abroad for Minorities).

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