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MAHAM – Making Action Happen Abroad for Minorities took formation after much thought and came into being in 2017. This organization is dedicated to exposing youth populations (ages 14 – 18) that are often left behind, to opportunities as such that could possibly change the course of their lives. Most students who spend time abroad say that the experience was transforming and influential in future life choices. Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge and opportunity present about the richness of travel experiences in low income, disadvantaged and minority populations.

More and more minorities are traveling abroad, yet tend to be those that attend college, have well-to-do parents, and fit within a certain socioeconomic status. What happens to those who see little hope in their future to grow, who only dream, knowing that they will never have the funds or opportunity to experience life to the fullest? Low-income and minority populations are often forgotten groups. Many stay within this socioeconomic status because they have not had someone show them a different way or light to a different path.

MAHAM- Making Action Happen Abroad for Minorities wants to target this group, exposing them through the means of travel. If we can expose a few to a different way of life, expand their thought process, give them a reason to dream and want more for themselves, we can encourage and inspire them to want something better for themselves. As each one reaches out and exposes others from their community to the "Endless Possibilities" idea, we may be able to uplift this targeted population and create a community that desires more for itself. Creating a spark of interest may be all it takes to start a movement to self-empowerment, self-respect and growth.

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