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Meet Our Team
Naja Butler

Visionary/Executive Director

From an early age, I was very aware that exposure to different languages, people and cultures would prove advantageous. Growing up in the diverse city of New York only enhanced this belief on a daily basis. 

After graduating with my B.S. in Biology from an HBCU, I decided to spread my wings and step out into unfamiliar territory. Exposure to living and studying abroad opened my eyes to a plethora of opportunities, cultures and ideas. My life was forever changed as I pursued challenging dreams that many wouldn't attempt to tackle. Although on a natural high of pursuing my dreams and receiving another degree in nursing, my mind often went to those who I had left behind, unable to go where I went and often unaware of the opportunities that could be theirs for the taking.

Upon returning to the states, I began my career in nursing, which only seemed to reinforce the many health disparities and missed opportunities many minorities and underprivileged youth and families face. Thoughts and ideas began to formulate within my mind as to how to deal with this issue, and during these moments, the concept of MAHAM was born. As we strive to improve ourselves, let us never forget about others. Open the door, take another's hand, and lead them through to avenues of endless opportunities.


Michael Murrell

My career is both broad and varied. I spent 25 years in corporate America in various capacities. I have served as President of a high-end custom automobile shop, a computer consulting firm and an administrator for TD Waterhouse brokerage firm and Oppenheimer Funds, both on Wall Street.

For the last number of years I have been serving as an Associate Pastor and President of Magazine Street Development Corporation, a non-profit organization providing after school care and tutoring services to middle and high school pupils.  I have been involved in fundraising projects in the city of Louisville with an organization called Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together (CLOUT). During my time as a team member with CLOUT, we were able to raise over $100,000 for improving the city's bus system and persuade the Jefferson Public school system to allocate $5 million  in their budget for programs to support students with unique challenges and restorative practices. 


These successful fundraising efforts have expanded my interest in philanthropy. I have been introduced to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) while attending a non-profit university conference and have been inspired by their mission statement of "advancing ethical and effective fundraising worldwide." Since the conference, I have joined the organization and begun the process of becoming a Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE).


Zaria Murrell

Medical Advisor

I am a city girl, I confess... I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, NY. I walked to elementary school, took the bus and train to high school, my summer jobs, and all over Baltimore, DC and NY. I went to college in Washington, DC and medical school in Baltimore, MD. Although I was born and raised in the concrete jungle, I spent many childhood summers with my parents in their Caribbean island homes of St. Martin and Montserrat. With each return to New York, I watched my parents work in their urban community gardens, sharing the harvest with neighbors and on our table. I recognized I was one with both cultures, and though vastly diverse, I intensely loved being an Afro Caribbean American.


After graduating from medical school and completing a demanding residency and fellowship program, I joined an established senior surgeon in a busy private practice in 2002. I left private practice in 2009 to obtain fellowships in fetal surgery, pediatric vascular malformations and completed a fellowship in pediatric surgery in 2013.My career focus has been in minimally invasive surgery, fetal diagnosis and interventions, and in global health - I have gone to Kenya, Ecuador, Ghana and Togo on surgical medical mission trips for the last 9 years. In my 24 year career as a surgeon, I have done thousands of surgeries, changing one life at a time. I am a healthcare provider for the urban poor. I recognize that there are socioeconomic health disparities.


Surgery is my first love, however, I want to be an agent for change connecting health to the urban built environment. I enjoy traveling the world; by visiting and learning about some of the world's most livable, sustainable and child-friendly cities, I can help young people learn how to move forward.

"Thanks to the simple act of moving forward, we can reach beyond what we thought was possible and accomplish great thing."

Judith Baity




Hello, I am Judith Baity, Vice President of Quality Management for Jowat Corporation. I received my first passport at 2 years old, flying from Canada to Jamaica. I have been flying ever since! How thrilling it is to visit another country, to learn about people and their culture. I am fortunate to be able to work for a company that involves travel to continents outside of North America. It also gives me the opportunity to learn a new language. You are never too old (or too young) to learn a new language! Gute Reise!





Cheryl Fowler currently serves on the board of directors of MAHAM, where she serves as Secretary. She graduated from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Wellness. She has been a therapeutic foster parent and an advocate for children for over 17 years.

Susan King



Susan Peay King is a wife to Elder Raymond King Jr. Of 41 years and the mother of 2 sons. Raymond King III and Stephen Lamont King (deceased). 14 1/2 years of schooling majoring in Criminal Justice and Early Childhood Development. I enjoy working with children/ people and seeing them bettering themselves and seeing them grown.  I enjoy life and love having a good time. My life motto is God Is Able...

Jeannette Page

Chairman of the Board



Jeannette Page is a passionate advocate of inspiring, educating, and edifying youth and young adult individuals. She has a degree in accounting and a Masters degree in Organizational Management. She has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years as a youth director, teacher, and other various roles. Her desire is to help youth and young adults develop a relationship with God and encourage them to discover God’s mission and purpose for their lives.

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